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Spring Trends: Charm Necklaces

By Chloe Emberton

As I scroll through Pinterest, my feed is flooded with bright colors and beads. Whether it’s paired with a baby tee or light dress, charm necklaces are quickly emerging as a spring staple for the 2024 season. 

A main vendor of charm necklaces is Urban Outfitters. The “charm” behind Urban Outfitters’ charm necklaces is the price point. There are a variety of prices to meet the budget of any consumer. The simplest design are the single charm necklaces, which are priced at $15. Necklaces with increasing intricacy in their design and the number of charms are priced from $25-$30. 

Though, the resurgence in charm necklaces encourages an increase in sales for small businesses. One of the best websites to start your search for necklaces, in an effort to support a small business is Etsy. Similarly to Urban Outfitters, charm necklaces can be found at all price points depending on the level of customization and quality of materials. 

One of my favorite Etsy shops for charm necklaces is Los Charming Designs. When purchasing a necklace from this small business, you have the ability to choose the number of charms and finish. Although, the price point is a key aspect of this small business. The charm necklaces range from the mid to low $20s, making it extremely affordable for the average consumer. 

Next time you are online shopping and want to find a one of a kind gem, consider looking for a charm necklace. Whether you are shopping small or more mainstream, this accessory will elevate your spring style and add a personal touch to your look!

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