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Mixing Gold and Silver

By Elle Wentworth

There is lots of discussion about being a wearer of gold, white gold, or silver jewelry.

But what about mixing them? You might think of this in comparison to mixing navy and black … or wearing white after Labor Day. These so-called “ fashion rules” have been nearly thrown aside with many brands and influencers opting to go against them. 

Numerous jewelry designers have gone against the grain by creating pieces that incorporate both gold and silver, which inspires the trend of mixing jewelry.

Mixing gold and silver allows you to stack and wear more of your jewelry at once while giving a unique look to your outfit.

 “It creates striking contrast and adds visual interest to an outfit,” wrote Hallie Abrams, a wardrobe consultant, in her blog titled ‘Is It Okay To Mix Metals? Expert Tips For Styling Silver and Gold’

Many top designers have been crafting individual pieces, including both silver and gold. When designers start taking risks, people will as well. Buccellati, Moer and David Yurman are high-end jewelry brands that have continuously mixed colors and done it without fear. 

If you are looking for individual pieces featuring both medals, I have crafted a short list for you here: 

Rid with your fear of taking fashion risks, you may be starting a trend that people will love and follow.

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