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A New Era of Baby Tees

Updated: 6 days ago

By Taylor Morgan

The ’90s called, and they are so happy that baby tees are back. Moving away from the ultra-short, boxy crop tops of the 2010s, today's preference goes to the more form-fitting and longer “shrunken t-shirt” look. Creator of the baby tee, movie and music video stylist, Linda Meltzer, told Nylon that this shirt style first caught her eye in the form of thrifted 1970s French-cut t-shirts. 

However, due to a short supply of finds, Meltzer decided to create her own company called Tease Tee’s, which became a huge success. Most notably, her designs can be found in episodes of the hit television show Friends and on magazine covers being worn by ’90s stars such as Drew Barrymore. 

To find the perfect ’90s baby tee in the 21st century, the first option is always to thrift. If you are looking for a real, authentic, worn-in staple, then vintage shopping is the way to go. While the process may be a little more strenuous, the result will be worth it. A trip to the kids’ section at your local Goodwill could also be an option. A huge part of baby tee culture is the fun graphics on the fronts of shirts. The sizing is also ideal as many women’s baby tees are comparable to a boy’s medium t-shirt pattern. Take Megan Fox for inspiration when she iconically wore her son's “Star Wars” t-shirt.

Moving away from vintage sourcing, there are also many other options on the market. Some tried and true brands for baby tee enthusiasts are Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Aritzia and Etsy.

While Aritzia and Brandy Melville are known for their simple and classic styles, Urban Outfitters and Etsy sellers have a little more fun with their designs. Some common graphics displayed on these  LAYLA / @alexademielover on Pinterest

shirts range from band names, fruits, ironic sayings, sports teams and


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