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Cherry Red: The 2023 Fall Color

By Abbie Prues

Every year there are new trends that take over the fall season and are incorporated into almost every outfit you see. There is a reason why fall is many people’s favorite season for fashion; it is a season where you can mix and match jackets with skirts, jeans with a T-shirt, and whatever kind of shoe you want all while still being comfortable. Your outfits do not have to be dictated by the warm summer weather you left or the cold winter that is coming. It is the perfect sweet spot to experiment with whatever kind of look you want.

This year, it has been clear the fall staple this year is cherry red. As seen on multiple runways this past summer, everybody is falling for red. Why specifically cherry red? While there is no way to tell what exactly gravitates people toward these trends, it is likely a blend of red famously being a mainstream autumn color, along with its recent popularity in major fashion brands. It is a deep, rich, brick-colored maroon red. The perfect color to match the current changing leaves of the season!

This color trend can be seen in all shapes and sizes: pants, dress, nails, purses, and heels, but it is especially seen in leather: cherry red leather jackets, leather boots, and leather bags. This combo makes it the easiest and best way to stay in trend but stay warm during the cooler months. Another favorite twist on this latest trend has been red cowboy boots as a way to incorporate this into people’s personal style.

Red cowboy boots mixed with classic street style has been a great combination to assimilate the color into your wardrobe! Other possibilities that people have been using to mix this into their outfits is endless. It is a very flattering color that matches any color you want to pair it with. Commonly paired with denim, black, white, and gray, this color looks amazing with trendy basics. It is the best and easiest way to turn any mundane outfit into a great one with just a pop of cherry red.

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