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Leopard Print is Back

By Maya Svec

Between Wales Bonner’s Adidas Sambas and Aelfric Eden’s viral cargo pants, leopard print is back in full force. But this is not the same leopard print craze we saw back in the 2000s; it has been reimagined into pieces we never saw coming, from everyday sneakers to puff-sleeve blouses. 

Animal print has always had a place in the fashion world, but its resurgence in the past couple months has taken the trend to new heights. Take a brand like Adidas for example, a renowned company known for its three stripes. In its collaboration with Wales Bonner – a luxury Afro-Atlantic clothing brand – Adidas fused their iconic Samba shoe with leopard print fur, and everyone wants them.

Similarly, Danish clothing brand Ganni, known for its commitment to sustainable and ethical production, came out with an entire leopard print line. They released a range of pieces from blouses to denim skirts to trench coats, each blending the brand’s contemporary edge and playful style.

But it is not just established brands that have embraced the leopard. Up-and-coming names like Aelfric Eden have gone viral on Instagram and TikTok for their low waisted baggy leopard print pants. Styled with pops of red or an oversized bomber, these pants have become a staple in street style wardrobes and the leopard print movement.

So why is leopard print all of a sudden back? Its appeal lies in the customizability to different styles. Whether you are a maximalist who likes to make a statement, an animal print fur coat or leopard boots is for you. If you are not ready to take the full plunge just yet, another approach to styling could include just an accessory, like a belt or scarf. Either way, leopard print accommodates all tastes.

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