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Money Whispers: Quiet Luxury and "Stealth Wealth"

Updated: Apr 5

By Campbell Masys

The minimalist style has been in for quite some time, but there is a new and elegant twist. A term coined “stealth wealth” is exactly what it sounds like. It is a way of exuding luxuriousness without labels, logos or major trends. This style utilizes classic silhouettes, tailored figures and neutral shades. All of these emulate exactly what a capsule wardrobe looks like, so it is no wonder that this aesthetic has really come to fruition. 

This way of dress has been around, but with the rising popularity of this aesthetic and celebrities like Sofia Richie Grainge and Gwyneth Paltrow, their clean and classy looks have inspired a new wave of the “clean girl vibe.” 

A key part of this look is the hair and makeup. Grainge quite often models the slick back bun or ponytail which perfectly compliments this style. Loose big waves and blowouts are also the way to go. The makeup is very effortless and could be described as a “no-makeup makeup.” Accessories are also very minimal but compliment the look well, for example, a classic pair of sunglasses or a timeless black bag.

You do not need luxurious, high-end pieces to achieve this timeless look. Stealth wealth can be achieved by utilizing white, cream, navy, black, brown and grays. Look for items with more classic and tailored fits, nothing too oversized or cropped. Shopping for these sorts of pieces will help add to your capsule wardrobe and give you endless pairings and looks. Stores like Reformation and Madewell are great places to shop at when looking for pieces to add to your capsule wardrobe. H&M and Abercrombie also offer many of the same colors and silhouettes at a lower price point. This look is very achievable at any dollar value and has lots of room for creativity and customization. 


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