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One-Pieces: The Newest Campus Clothing Trend

By Kaitlin McDowell

What to wear to class? This is the timeless question that everyone faces at the beginning of each school year. Of course, when it gets cold, sweatpants and sweatshirts are everyone's go-to, but while it is still hot, options become more limited. Last year, a so called class uniform was tennis skirts paired with a tank top or a t-shirt, but this year, a new option has entered the fashion game: one-pieces.

These wardrobe staples became popular over the summer. The trend originated from Free People’s Hot Shot Mini Dress, Righteous Runsie, and other items from their Movement collection. This trend really exploded, however, when “dupes,” or similar clothing made by a different company but with a less expensive price, started popping up on Amazon and were advertised on Tik Tok.

No matter how this trend originated, why did it take so long? These one-pieces are one of the best things to happen to athletic fashion. Not only are they cute, as they come in practically every color, but they are extremely comfortable. With built-in shorts and pockets, the dress version is perfect for walking around campus. The breathability of this dress makes it so versatile and perfect for really hot days where sweating is inevitable.

They are also an easy outfit to put together. Who does not love the idea of barely having to pick out an outfit the night before class and simply pulling it on in the morning? These dresses are the perfect mix of cute and casual. These one-pieces remind me of being a child and wearing onesies or little dresses our parents put us in simply because it was easy.

Alongside the dress, the one-piece with shorts has become popular as well, and this option is great for class. It is a great option working out as well, especially on days when you might not want to change between the gym and class.

Personally, I am upset this trend took so long to become popular. I will be very sad when it starts getting cold and I can no longer wear my mini dresses to class.

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