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Ribbons and Bows

By Elle Wentworth

Hopefully you did not throw away that ribbon you used for arts and crafts as a kid because you might just want to add it to your next outfit. Whether it is in a bow in your hair, tied to your tank top straps, or swapped for your shoe laces, this feminine touch can perfectly complete an outfit.

This past December, Vogue magazine released an article on the romance of ribbons, as seen in street style. Although this article focuses mainly on clothing pieces originally made with ribbon, why not add one on yourself? They also released an article last month on the trend of hair ribbons and how it was all over Fashion Week.

“The bow itself isn’t new, existing for hundreds of years across trends and genres in the fashion world for its functionality and whimsy. But it’s difficult to remember a time when bows were front and center in fashion,” states trend analyst Mandy Lee. The use of ribbons and bows may be tied to the rise and aesthetic of ballet core and girlhood.

Bows are traditionally seen as a symbol of love and associated with marriage, symbolizing affection and desire. Bows represent a sense of elegance, class, femininity, and romance. So go grab some ribbon and try incorporating ribbon into your next outfit!

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