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The Deal With Trucker Hats

By Taylor Morgan

It was rural America in the 1970s and in an attempt to make advertising cheap, the trucker hat was born. Taking advantage of the wide front panel, a much different shape from the classic baseball cap, farming and feed companies would paste their logos across the front of hats and give them away as promotion and advertising. Many people who received these promotional hats were farmers, rural workers and the ones who claimed the name of the hat, truck drivers. So, it is quite remarkable that these hats that were once a staple in the rural American wardrobe are now on the heads of college students everywhere. 

Many of the original, iconic trucker hats, such as John Deere, have actually made their way into Generation Z almost 50 years later. Through sites such as Depop, Etsy, eBay and even Instagram, people can tap into their thrifting roots and get a real vintage trucker hat. Aside from vintage options however, it seems like every day a different company will launch their own spin on the tucker hat. While trucker hats have moved from an advertising strategy to a fashion statement, many brands still go for the classic look of their company logo on the hat, such as Alo’s District Trucker Hat. On the other hand, some of the most popular trucker hats at the moment have made their claim to fame by displaying a funny or memorable saying such as Aviator Nations' “Pray for Surf” and Motel Margaritas’ “Aspire to Retire.” 

Trucker hats have seamlessly made their way into our fashion culture because they are so easy to wear. They make the perfect addition to a matching set when you are going to class or running errands. They can spice up a boring outfit by adding a pop of color or even save you from an unfortunate hair day. It does not matter the season, the weather or the occasion, a trucker hat is almost always welcome.

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