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A Little Leg Room

by Molly Monson

I remember my first pair of skinny jeans. Some random TJ Maxx exclusive brand called "Squeeze". I slid them over my skinny sixth grade legs, and had the conscious thought, "oh, this is why they're called 'Squeeze'". Skinny jeans survived my middle school and almost all of my high school years, the tight cut withstanding all trends: super destroyed jeans, raw edge hems, cropped length, light wash, dark wash, patterned jeans, you name it. It felt wrong to not have my legs clad in denim-- the stiffness was oddly comforting. And then college hit.

Something happens between high school and college that makes you want to quit wearing underwire bras, retire the curling iron, and wear only the most comfortable clothing you can find to class. I bought one pair of torn mom jeans the week before classes, and as soon as I buttoned the high waist and marveled at the freedom I felt throughout my thighs, I knew that there was no going back (since then I've purchased more pairs than I am proud to admit-- see Target for some budget-friendly options). Also, I have realized I am not alone in this revelation of comfort and style-- look around campus and you'll see mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight leg jeans, save for the occasional straggler of a skinny.

Mom jeans hug your butt in all the right places, sit up near your rib cage (so you can eat whatever you want!), and require a fraction of the readjustment that skinny jeans demand. They look great with casual shoes- Vans, platform sneakers, etc., and pair just as well with heels and a fitted top for a night out. Throw on a cropped hoodie for class, tuck in a graphic tee with Docs to grab dinner with friends. These jeans are as versatile as they are comfortable, and ideally, here to stay-- we could all use a little leg room.

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