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Bold Colors To Look Out For This Winter

By Taylor Shockley

Courtesy of UP Magazine

While the summer normally brings around the trend of color, this year it has decided to stick around a little while longer. This fall and winter we are seeing lots of colors still being worn from sweaters and pants to handbags and other accessories. Let’s take a look at some of the most striking colors for the upcoming season.


Although we normally see red in the winter due to certain holidays being celebrated, it is dominating peoples’ wardrobes at the moment. A deeper darker color red is being seen as a way to drive desires and make an impression. The alluring color is one that can be a statement in any outfit.


The color yellow is one that is typically seen in the spring, but we are seeing a ton of this bright color right now. With daylight savings taking place, the color yellow is an exceptional way to keep the idea of the sun around a while longer.

Periwinkle Blue

The everso-dreamy color of periwinkle seems to have lingered its way into fall. This color is being seen in many menswear tops as well as in the lighter-wash jean trend. This color gives us a sense of daydreaming and wandering into the great unknown.

Courtesy of UP Magazine

This fall and winter we are seeing so many bold and dreamy colors being worn. These colors embody the idea of living simply in a daydream and the intrinsic desire to explore. With that, make sure you grab a copy of UP Magazine's newest issue "Reverie" to see more of this!

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