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Elevating Your Wardrobe, Milan-Style

By Joan Carol

While the United States is jumping on fashion's newest trend, the "mob wife" aesthetic, as mentioned in a past blog, "What's Trending from Copenhagen Fashion Week," the trend in Milan right now is to live a life full of colors. The fashion capital of the world (with the permission of Paris, New York and London) has shown on the Milan Fashion Week stage that some of the new trends are fancy footwear, white fuzzies, and red leather. But one of the best things about Milan is that you can get away from the flashes and the fashion runaway and still have the best inspiration for your closet. Milan girls are rocking a new trend: vivid colors.

While stylists from other cities like Madrid, Paris, or New York are going for entirely dark outfits, the Milanese, known as the most sophisticated women in Europe, have added a new trick to their fashion palette. The Italians rule the art of color combination, and they bet their style on mixing different colors. There is a critical point in all that. They do not just add random tones to their outfits; every color addition is well thought out, and this is how you must think if you want to style your wardrobe like a Milanese. 

Color? Yes, of course! But keep them under control. The best we can learn from our Mediterranean friends is that we should choose two bright colors and build our outfit around them. Do not think your accessories are out of that formula. Two bright colors equal a colorful outfit. However, you can take it to the next level if you are brave enough. Use two neutral colors and spice it up with a third one that is more vibrant. It is a three-color option that is only for the ones that really have an Italian inside. 

Do not worry if you do not feel ready for that; from the streets of Milan, we are also getting beginner tips. The easiest way to add color to your outfits is with accessories. With a basic look, you can always make a slight yellow or green purse work. One of the tricks seen during the Milan Fashion Week was using a sweater tied around the neck as the second colorful item in the outfit

There is one last piece of advice we get from the Mediterranean country: have fun mixing color shades. A cream color garment and another one in a vivid red or Klein Blue is the best combination to add colors  to your clothes. Overall, we get this lively and energetic trend from the Milaneses that is an excellent opportunity to give a second life to some of your most colorful clothes. Mix your wardrobe colors and walk on the street knowing you could be in Milan! 

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