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Gold vs. Silver Earrings: What to Wear and How to Pair

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Charlotte Hudson

KRISTY MARIE / @kristy on Pinterest

Before this past year, I was strictly a silver jewelry girl. Silver rings, silver earrings and silver layered necklaces took up a majority of the space in my jewelry box. I didn’t own any gold jewelry that I wore or necessarily liked; I always thought silver looked best on me compared to gold. It wasn’t until I received my first pair of little gold hoops for Christmas last year that I realized I was missing out on the simple yet elegant statement that is gold jewelry.

Of course, I still wear my silver jewelry, but I’ve begun a collection of gold jewelry as well. In my experience with wearing different types of jewelry, I’ve noticed gold and silver stand out more when paired with the right clothing colors. Here are some of my favorite earrings and the best clothing colors to pair them with.

Silver Earrings: Tabitha Thick Huggie Hoop Set from Francesca’s

Francesca’s has a spectacular collection of affordable jewelry. What I love most about this hoop set is that it can easily be worn with a casual outfit just as well as with a dressier look. My favorite earrings in this set are the rounder, larger pair of hoops, but I typically switch off between those and the drop hoop earrings as well. They’re very lightweight and the earring backing is very comfortable, which is also why I tend to wear this earring set the most. The best colors to wear with silver earrings and silver jewelry in general are darker and cooler tone colors, like shades of blue or purple. Wear navy for a bolder look, or pair with baby blue in the springtime for a stand-out look that will light up your face. I also love wearing green with my silver earrings, those colors complement each other nicely and make the earrings seem more sparkly.

Gold earrings: Lightburst Chunky Small Hoops from Madewell

These earrings add a bit of a twist on the classic chunky gold hoops, which are an essential addition to your wardrobe. Since I have a double piercing, I like to wear these earrings with a smaller plain gold hoop to accentuate the “lightbursts” on the hoops. While they are a heavier pair of earrings, they are definitely worth the purchase. My favorite colors to wear with these earrings and other pieces of gold jewelry are warmer colors, like red or orange. Pink is a perfect pairing as well. Gold jewelry blends exceptionally with any of these colors for the fall season.

For neutral-colored outfits, gold and silver are interchangeable!

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