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Looking Ahead to Spring Trends

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Anaka Bretzke

For those of you looking forward to pushing your puffer jackets to the back of your closet, here’s some fresh trends to help you get a head start on your spring wardrobe.


Pretty in Pink

While romantic puff sleeves will still be on-trend for spring, an unexpected pop of color will soon be lining clothing racks in every store: bubblegum pink. This bold shade will be everyone’s go-to this season, making you wonder, “can I really pull this off?” Yes, yes you can! While this is an unexpected color to be seeing (especially since muted colors and neutrals have been all the rage for fall and winter,) it’s sure to make a statement dressed up or down.

Statement Bustier Tops and Checks

Two trends you can count on transitioning from winter to spring are bustier tops and colorful checks. Bustier tops are practically a closet staple now, and are perfect to dress up or down. There are so many variations of this top available that there’s bound to be one that perfectly suits anyone’s style.

Colorful checks on the other hand have been popping up on clothing sites and in stores during the fall and winter seasons, but expect them to be everywhere when the weather gets warm.

Exposing Dresses and Y2K Mini Skirts

As more public spaces are reopening amid the pandemic, most of us are ready to trade in our sweats for some dressier options. Exposed back dresses and low-rise mini skirts are two spring trends that are bound to make a statement anywhere you go.

With 2000s trends having a moment, we all knew eventually that these teeny mini skirts would eventually make a comeback. However, expect many of these skirts to be covered in flamboyant patterns and embellishments this time around.

For a more sophisticated, modern look there will be plenty of open-back dresses on clothing racks. This trend makes any simple LBD classy and fashionable.

While we are all patiently awaiting for temperatures to rise above freezing, spend your time cooped-up inside finding some new, trendy spring items. Some great places to start your spring wardrobe include Zara, H&M, Revolveand ASOS. Get shopping!

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