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Style Guide: Men’s Fall Fashion

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Halle Grant

MAXPLORE / @Maxplore on Pinterest

With cooler weather upon us, most days are requiring long pants and a light jacket rather than the typical shorts and t-shirt or sweatshirt. Not up for wearing the same sweatpant and sweatshirt combo everyday until late spring? Here are some items to add to your wardrobe to stay stylish and warm during the cooler months.

The transition to winter weather is prime time for layering fabrics from the previous season. Henley t-shirts and linen shirts, usually spring or summer pieces, are perfect for underneath a trendy jacket or flannel. Another option could be a quaterzip sweater or crew neck sweater.

Different jackets are the best kind of transitional piece whether it’s one with a fun color or texture. A classic is the bomber jacket that always seems to make it’s way back every fall, but its the perfect piece to throw on when there’s a chill in the air. Another option is the “chore coat,” a piece to add when it’s not too cold. These tend to look best in a charcoal or denim to ensure that it matches the rest of the outfit, but go for a fun color or texture if most of your layering pieces are neutral.

Another favorite to layer with is the classic flannel. Go on the heavier side for the fall and winter, as it’s perfect for pairing with one a linen or Henley shirt as mentioned above, or even on top of the basic hoodie. If you’re not feeling anything too flashy or stylish, the classic oversized hoodie can be dressed up by switching your bottoms from sweats to jeans. Any straight leg jean or cargo pant is also perfect for this weather. The best pairs seem to be found thrifted or at a Goodwill rather than brand new, so save the cash and shop your nearest thrift or second-hand shop.

Since layering is what makes the typical fall outfit, there are a few rules to follow. First, wear lighter colors and thinner fabrics closer to the body. This would mean wearing a lighter color t-shirt if it were to be paired with a heavier, dark brown jacket. Second, wear patterns closer to the body and solid colors further out. This could be a striped t-shirt underneath a solid burgundy bomber jacket.

When it comes to colors to wear during the fall and beginning of winter, it’s optimal to sway more toward muted and deep tones such as burgundy, grey, mustard, charcoal, brown and khaki. Texture in clothing is also welcome in the cooler months, such as a quilted jacket or waffle-knit long sleeve shirt.

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