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Trendy or Timeless?

By Marissa Rotolo

With the internet being the peak of how trends circulate, microtrends have been increasingly apparent in the past few years. Fast fashion, rapid trend cycling and mass production have all contributed to the shift in fashion styles. Even though it’s fun to have a few trendy pieces in your closet it is also important to add staple pieces in that can last a lifetime. Let’s talk about pieces that are trendy and those pieces that are timeless.

Photography by AnnaGrace Harris

Butterfly Top- Trendy

Butterfly tops came back into style with the Y2K aesthetic. This style came back so quickly that it may be considered “out” already. Specific pieces are fun, but dangerous, because they often die out due to how unique and eccentric they are.

Model Off Duty White Shirt and Jean Formula- Timeless

A white shirt paired with your favorite denim is timeless because you can incorporate them both into multiple other looks, both dressed up or down. Additionally, you can add trendy pieces to this staple ensemble to keep up with the latest styles. There are many ways to stay neutral or elevate this look.

Low Rise Denim- Trendy

This may be a hot take. Though low rise jeans are in style right now, they are not timeless compared to mid rise jeans that can stay in your closet for years to come. Furthermore, low rise denim is not versatile, making it’s appeal die out faster. However, just because this style is a trend does not make it unfashionable. It’s fun to participate in trends and keep a few in your closet if it is something that works for you!

Blazers- Timeless

Blazers are timeless because the way in which they are styled is ever changing. You can make it casual or professional. You can mix fabrics and fit. Having a few solid blazers in your closet are pieces you will have for a long time. Certain styles of blazers can be trendy, however blazers themselves are timeless.

Puffer Jackets- Trendy

Though these coats are fun, they are not timeless. They are stylized with too many current fads. For example, they are cropped. Cropped items of clothing are cute but very true to this specific decade. Instead of splurging on a puffer coat, find an inexpensive alternative, or opt for a trench coat instead.

A Classic Handbag- Timeless

This one has layers. You absolutely don’t need a designer bag. Trendy handbags are super fun and can elevate many staple looks. However, if you are planning to splurge on a designer bag, opt for a timeless style rather than a trendy designer bag so you can have it in your closet forever and pass it down to your family. For example, the 2005 Prada Nylon bag is cute, but is not timeless. Instead, opt for a bag that is neutral, subtle and versatile. For example, the YSL Saint Laurent Kate 99 suede bag.

Fashion is subjective and what one person finds trendy, may not be true for everyone. However, it is fun to debate what pieces of fashion will and will not stand the test of time.

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